We encourage you to sports

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In the last days of July the Sobota Tennis Center in Sobota (municipality Rokietnica) in Poznan district will become Poland’s tennis center.

This is all thanks to the International Women’s Tennis Tournament Powiat Poznanski Open. We have put many efforts to place this event for good in the Polish sports calendar. Tennis is a sports discipline that has been developing exceptionally fast in our country. Following great results obtained by Polish female and male players it is getting more and more fans. We hope that there will be plenty of fans of the ‘white sport’ during our tournament. We therefore encourage and heartily invite all tennis fans to the July tournament in Sobota and we are certain that the participants of the event will ensure high sports level and that particular games will bring many emotions.

Inspiring the organization of the Powiat Poznanski Open Tournament constitutes our participation in social activities and at the same time realization of our mission within which we consequently also promote sport. We develop its bonding and learning values and also recognize it as an element of disseminating among others a healthy lifestyle attitude. On the occasion of the tournament we encourage everyone to actively practice sports. The Sobota Tennis Center is in fact a perfect place for promoting all kinds of physical movement. Here everyone will find something for themselves.

At the same time we are extremely pleased that thanks to the July event our region, our small homeland – Poznan district, will be associated by fans not only from Poland, as the place where the top sports events are organized. As the Starost of Poznan I encourage fans to acquaint themselves during their visit in Poznan district, in its 17 municipalities, with the abundant tourist and cultural offer that we propose to all visiting us guests. I assure you that it is worth staying here for longer!

Poznan district is the biggest district in Wielkopolska and one of the biggest in Poland. It has received the ‘Superpowiat’ title and has been awarded with a Builder of Polish Sports title. This obliges as the good host sets an example that the realization of local governments’ enterprise is a sign of modern patriotism.

Such a challenge constitutes the International Women’s Tennis Tournament Powiat Poznanski Open – first such serious sports event in the district of Poznan. Therefore I’m convinced that we’ve put all efforts to make this Tournament ensure unforgettable and well-remembered experience for all. I wish the female players only aces, the fans – emotional and dramatic tie-breaks and the visitors – to pleasantly and actively spend their time here!

Jan Grabkowski
Starost of Poznan