This time it will be about ladies

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Tennis is one of the most popular sports disciplines around the world. In Poland it is currently going through its ‘second youth’. It is recreationally practiced by tens of thousands of people in different age.

When practiced professionally, it is an extremely demanding discipline because it combines the necessity of perfect physical, tactical and mental preparation. On the Sobota Tennis Center courts in Rokietnica municipality the tournament with participation of professionals will be held for the third time. In the first two events competed only men. This time however, in Sobota will play the ladies. The decision about organizing a tournament for women was not accidental, because there weren’t such competitions in Wielkopolska. And there are many female players, who – in my opinion – haves uch outstanding skills and potential as to compete against the best in the world in future.

I believe that by promoting and helping Polish female players we will contribute to development of this discipline in our country, region and district.

I wish all participants only skilful pieces of play and encourage tennis fans to visit the Sobota Tennis Center between 21-27 July.

Definitely there will be a lot of sports emotions during the Powiat Poznanski Open 2014 tournament.

Tomasz Nowicki

owner of the Poz-Bruk company