Derby of Wielkopolska in Paris

Katarzyna Piter is a 23-year-old native of Poznan representing Grunwald. Thanks to good performance in last and this season she advanced to the first 100 of the WTA (she holds the 95.position).


In a senior Grand Slam she made a debut in the Australian Open 2014, but the match of first round with Simona Halep was very fast. The Romanian won 6:0, 6:1. She had a much better performance on the Roland Garros in Paris. She played against a teammate who she often trains with- Angelique Kerber (World No.9). She lost the game (3:6, 1:6) but that game was much more equal than the one in Australia.

-When playing with Angelique I had a plan, I knew what I wanted to do, how I wanted to score points. Not everything went as I planned in the meeting but this game is a valuable experience for me- she said in one of the interviews.

One of the TV commentators described the Piter-Kerber game as the derby of Wielkopolska. And there is nothing weird about it, because Angelique often trains in the tennis center in Puszczykowo which was built by her grandfather Janusz. Moreover, Piter and Kerber often train together.

Katarzyna Piter’s coach since childhood has been her father-Dariusz. Currently Kasia also works with her brother-Kuba who used to play professional tennis as well.

-Kuba helped me a lot during the most difficult times, when I was down. I had worked very hard all the time but there had been no results. Kuba and dad showed me the biggest support at the time. I gradually got my confidence back and started to win games, at first in smaller tournaments, later in more prestigious ones – says Katarzyna. And she adds that she has matured a lot as a player in the last season.

-Most of all I feel mentally strong. In the past I didn’t play poor tennis, but I wasn’t prepared well from the mental side. Now I am proving that I can play equally good with the best ones – stresses Katarzyna Piter.