Sobota Tennis Center

Sobota Tennis Center is the biggest sports and recreational center in Wielkopolska, where tennis lovers can pursue their passion on eight indoor and ten outdoor courts, irrespective of the season of the year.

All courts meet the highest technical criteria laid out for modern sites of this kind. Powiat Poznanski Open will be held on the outdoor courts. The most interesting games of the tournament, with the final at the head, will be held on the Central Court surrounded by stands that can accommodate 500 spectators. The Sobota Tennis Center is however not only about professional sport. The Center has a well-developed and professional sports and recreation infrastructure. One of its elements include the So Squash club, one of the biggest sports centers of this kind in the country, where for amateurs of this sports discipline ten professional courts and infrastructure guaranteeing trainings at the highest level were prepared.

For all guests of the Sobota Tennis Center there is also a restaurant with European cuisine and leisure areas: Wellness and Stretching. The first one will ensure a moment of soothing relax and cleansing, while the second one will facilitate professional preparation before a game and stretching of muscles after a training.

The center consists also of hotel rooms with comfortable bed, place for work, phone, Internet and TV waiting for guests. All these attractions make the Sobota Tennis Center an exceptional and magical place.