A very long year of hard work

Magda Linette – a 22-year-old Poznan-born Grunwald player is one of the most talented female tennis players in Poland. Last year she made a big jump in the WTA classification by qualifying to the beginning of the 2nd 100 of the ranking.


She had an exceptionally good performance in Baku. She achieved a life success there by getting through the qualifiers and reaching up to semifinal. She got 140 points for the game what allowed her to jump on the 159. position in the world. In the following months she improved her ranking and in January this year she jumped on 116. position.

A lot has changed in her sports life since her new coach became Croatian Izo Zunic (previously for many years it was Jakub Rękoś).

-With Izo we met three years ago during one tournament. Since then we saw each other on the same competitions, we talked. From the beginning of our relationship I’ve liked his philosophy of tennis and positive attitude to life – stresses Grunwald tennis player.

A year ago she went to Croatia to train and prepare for summer season. Results were visible and Izo Zunic became a new coach of the Poznan-born player.

-Izo puts the biggest pressure on my way of thinking in order to make me think positive on and outside the court and on understanding of the game- she explains. She also adds that she feels great in Croatia. I have a group of good friends, not to mention great weather, beautiful views and food.

This year Magda Linette is primarily planning to strengthen herself physically and enter the TOP100 of the WTA. -I have hard work to do, but I’m counting on results- adds the 22-year-old.

And what pleasures can she allow herself to?

-Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time for crazy things. Whenever I can, I like to go dancing and meet friends. Sometimes I lock myself in a room with a good book in hand and this is all I need to feel happy. There is also occasion to eat an ice-cream box and I’m not going to lie, I do this more often that I should…